“Powerful, professional, and a sharp strategist, Barry Book is THE attorney you want on your side during complex divorce cases. He has a way of distilling the complexities of a case into concise arguments that help chip away at the problem. He gave my case the personal attention it needed while insuring legal costs were managed throughout the process. He is a value driven person who genuinely cares about the outcomes of each case.” – Ryan

“Attorney Book’s qualifications as an attorney have been exemplary.  He represented me in my divorce, and he has extensive knowledge in family law. I have valued his skills and abilities to represent me from start to completion.  I was confident in his abilities that I knew he would take legal stress off me and I could concentrate on moving forward. In addition, I personally value Jessica for her experience and her compassion.  This is a trait to be valued. I would strongly consider Barry Book to represent anyone going through a divorce.” -Kitty

“Attorney Book was highly recommended to me by a dear friend. I found him to be a kind and honorable man who always made me feel as if my case was his number one priority. His knowledge of the law regarding divorce and child custody was extremely thorough. Even though he is very knowledgeable, he was able to put it into ‘laymen’s terms’ so that I understood exactly what to expect. He consistently reassured and supported me throughout this difficult time in my life. I found his assistant extremely helpful and kind as well. I highly recommend him to anyone needing an amazing, knowledgeable attorney.” – Linsey

“For something so critical to your future, yet so painful to endure, finding the right attorney makes all the difference in the end. The Book Law Group helped me plan for my future, and helped me through the painful process of divorce. Barry and Jessica exceeded my expectations, and went above and beyond the call of duty to help resolve my case. They were there for me every step of the way, from the moment I first came to them, to the final decree, with exceptional professionalism, advice, and dedication; both to me, and my children. They know how important my children are to me, and helped me achieve my goals — all at moments in my life when the burden was immense. They took the stress off my plate, and fought for what matters most to me: my family.” – Tim